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East House Featured in ArchDaily

Sep 07, 2016


East House  modular, movable, and sustainable  has been featured on ArchDaily.


From the feature:


Embedded in the natural landscape, East House is nearly invisible from points further up the slope. The concrete shell is cantilevered over the landscape, allowing for expanses of glass along five walls. Operable windows pull back, and the gap between the concrete units amplifies the sound of the ocean, bringing it along with sea breezes through the entire house.

Assoc. Designer Alfredo Pimentel Honored by BSA

Aug 09, 2016

Boston Society of Architects

Our very own Associate Designer Alfredo Pimentel has been honored by the Boston Society of Architects. His unbuilt design for Walden Pond has won an award in the Unbuilt Architecture & Design category.

"The intent of this intervention was to delicately position artifacts that not only respect their hosting landscape but also add a procession of spaces that can elevate the reflective experience of moving through nature. Rather than starting counter clock wise from the parking area to see the Thoreau Cabin, Site 8 was chosen so that patrons could be forced deeper into the reserve and continue experiencing paths that they may encounter on their hike to the cabin."

East House, Island Residence Win Green GOOD DESIGN Awards

May 09, 2016

Green GOOD DESIGN™ Awards

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design have honored East House and Island Residence with 2016 Green GOOD DESIGN™ Awards for Architecture.


Founded by Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN™ aims to "promote and foster a greater public understanding and acceptance for Modern Design." In view of the monumental challenges posed by climate change and unsustainable methods of construction, the Green GOOD DESIGN™ Awards celebrate innovative, beautiful applications of sustainable design across a range of disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design, and product design.


Both East House and Island Residence feature comprehensive sustainability strategies that not only conserve energy, reduce waste, and save money, but also promote intimate encounters between the residences’ guests and their surroundings. 


Green GOOD DESIGN™ aims to bring a parallel public appreciation and awareness for an equally revolutionary design approach – a new design thinking led by a current generation of visionary architects, designers, urban planners, corporations, governments, individuals, and private and public institutions for a design and a public environment based upon the ideals of energy conservation; the reduction of toxic waste and greenhouse gases; the diminishing dependence on fossil fuels; and a sensitivity for waste, pollution, and the depletion of the world's energy resources. This new design approach centers on the idea of repairing our worldwide environments with sustainability and for total ecological restoration.

East House Featured in How to Spend It Magazine

Apr 28, 2016

How to Spend It Magazine

In the April 2016 issue of The Financial Times’s How To Spend It magazine, architecture critic Dominic Bradbury explores the “compound house” – a “curated collection of smaller buildings” which “allows for greater flexibility in placing pavilions in sympathy with the tucks and folds of the landscape.”

East House, “designed to be sensitive to the landscape on the one hand, but also so that it could, potentially, be moved piece by piece if the coastal bluff on which it sits were to erode over the coming years,” is “architecture that sings rather than shouts.” 

From How To Spend It:

“We wanted to step the house down and follow the slope of the landscape,” says Rose, “as well as reducing the scale of our intervention on what we felt was a delicate, even fragile, but extraordinarily beautiful site, so that it could be unobtrusive on the edge of the ocean. The strategy we devised was to design the house as a series of discrete parts, seamlessly assembled so as to make a coherent whole, but structured so as to allow the parts to be lifted off by crane and placed piece by piece on a new foundation. Concrete, a material we felt would work visually in the rugged landscape, became the means of rendering the parts strong enough to make this strategy possible.”

Peter Rose to Address AIA Redwood Empire

Apr 07, 2016

AIA Redwood Empire

If you find yourself in Sonoma County, California, next Thursday, we hope you'll join Peter Rose, FAIA, FRAIC as he presents a wide-ranging lecture to the AIA Redwood Empimre chapter at the Chroma Gallery in Santa Rosa, California.


Peter's lecture will address research, strategic thinking, fabrication, and sustainable design across a range of residential projects, from an off-the-grid single-family residence in Turkey, to multi-unit housing in urban and rural settings, to East House, a modular coastal residence that can be picked up and moved to a new foundation when bluff erosion demands it. Peter will argue, in so many words, that smart design and planning, at the scale of both the city and the house, requires sensitivity to site, material, and a rigorous commitment to sustainability.

Peter Rose Elected to AIA Fellowship

Feb 11, 2016

Boston Society of Architects

For his "superbly detailed institutional, residential, and urban design projects that choreograph revelatory architectural experiences and blur the boundaries between the built environment and the landscape," the 2016 Jury of Fellows from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has elevated Peter Rose to Fellowship. Peter is one of 149 AIA members to be elected to its prestigious College of Fellows. He will be honored at the investiture ceremony at the AIA Convention in Philadelphia in May.

Peter Rose + Partners extends its congratulations to all newly elected members of the College of Fellows.

Island Residence Featured in "Retreat"

Jan 08, 2016

Retreat: The Modern House In Nature

Rizzoli New York's Retreat: The Modern House In Nature, beautifully written and edited by Ron Broadhurst, devotes a chapter to Island Residence.

From Retreat:

This single-family residence by Boston-based Peter Rose + Partners defers to the surrounding wooded coast and wetlands, nestled into a narrow strip of land on the island of Chappaquiddick...To minimize the house's environmental impact, multiple sustainability strategies are deployed in addition to the green roofs. All rooftop runoff is collected in a single mahogany gutter, visible from the breakfast room as it falls into a catchment basin surrounded by boulders....perhaps most ingeniously, the strategic location of native deciduous trees provides shade in the summer and allows solar gains in the winter.

PR+P Named Best Green Architect in Boston

Nov 24, 2015

Boston Home Magazine

Peter Rose + Partners has been named Boston Home's Best Green Architect for 2016.

From the feature in Boston Home's Winter 2016 issue:

"Peter Rose has long been answering the increasingly urgent call for sustainable design. And his most recent projects are among his best. The Vineyard's East House, for example, features modular concrete units that can be relocated in response to coastal erosion - a concept so groundbreaking that it won the Boston Society of Architects' Best Housing Design award in 2015."


Congratulations to our fellow honorees.

East House Featured in Dwell Magazine

Nov 23, 2015

Dwell Magazine

Peter Rose + Partners' movable, highly sustainable East House is on the cover of the December-January 2016 issue of Dwell, now available on newsstands.


From the feature:


"With an eye toward accenting the site's sweeping views and natural beauty, Rose designed the home with subtle, blurred boundaries between the exterior and interior while also taking measures to consider neighboring structures....


"The relationship between the house and nature is just as important to [the client], who happily shares Rose's sentiment: 'Together, the house and landscaping enhance the experience of the site without intruding on it.'"

HDM 40: Peter Rose's Off-the-Grid Treatment

Jun 23, 2015

Harvard Design Magazine

Harvard Design Magazine's latest issue features an essay by Peter Rose.

In "Off-the-Grid Treatment," Peter discusses his collaboration with Dr. Anne Goldfeld - a professor, physician, and infectious disease scientist with Harvard Medical School - on developing architectural approaches and off-the-grid energy strategies for ‪‎tuberculosis‬ clinics in ‪Ethiopia‬ and ‎Cambodia‬.


From the essay:


"‬Architecture cannot, by itself, cure tuberculosis. However, intelligently and systemically conceived - and as part of a network of medical, technical, political, and human resources - it can be extraordinarily effective. Our challenge was to invent an architecture of lean, sustainable, strategic buildings -- buildings that are either easily built and modifiable using local materials and methods (mostly cast concrete and timber), or buildings that can be prefabricated, transporated to a site, and locally assembled."

East House Featured on

Jun 08, 2015's Megan Turchi stumbled upon East House, and was struck by its movable design. From the article:


As evidenced by the recent decision to move the entire Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard to keep it from falling off eroding cliffs, some pieces of land on the island are not exactly stable.

Boston-based Peter Rose + Partners thought about this when building a Martha’s Vineyard home on a cliff and then won an award for it.


Visit for more.

Peter Rose Interviewed in Custom Home Magazine

May 18, 2015

Custom Home Magazine

In the Spring 2015 edition of Custom Home Magazine - the International Issue - Sara Johnson asks Peter Rose about his experiences working cross-culturally, and globally, in Turkey. From "Going Abroad":


You produce a set of plans, sections, elevations, a few details, stuff you learned in school, stuff you do day in, day out. The builder gives you a price, puts the building up, might make a few mistakes, but by and large, the project gets built as intended. People are very polite, so they don’t tell you they don’t get it, they just start building it oddly.

You end up having a much more intimate relationship with the builder. And you end up pulling your own drawings apart and redrawing them a bit more like Ikea assembly drawings or instructions: You start at step one, and at the end of the steps, you have a product. It wasn’t uninteresting. And in the end, we developed architectural drawings to a very high level in a very complicated climate. Turkey is a much simpler climate. The traditions are thousands of years old. And you can build a pretty good house from a sketch as long as it’s out of masonry and it’s rectilinear, so you don’t need the fancy drawings.

East House Honored by Residential Architect

May 05, 2015

Residential Architect

East House - a "beautifully finished," innovative, climate-smart residence that can be lifted and moved to a new location, with interior fixtures and finishes intact, if bluff erosion demands it - has been selected as a winner of Residential Architect's 2015 Residential Architect Design Awards.


From Residential Architect: "The concrete bounces the sounds of the ocean into the interstitial spaces, drawing the percussive rhythms deep into the house. Inside, the materials are considerably warmer, with cedar planks cladding the walls and stone floors adding richness to the space."

East House Celebrated By Boston Home

Feb 20, 2015

Boston Home Magazine

Boston Home Magazine celebrates East House's recognition by the Boston Society of Architects "as one of the finest in housing design."


From the Magazine:


In the beginning stages, the property owners were looking to build something completely new and untraditional, but also environmentally sound, and responsive to the natural surroundings. “Full sustainability meant not just solar panels or green products, but truly making environmental consciousness a part of the building,” Matthew Snyder, a principal at Peter Rose + Partners, told Boston Home.

Island Residence, East House Win BSA Honor Awards

Jan 29, 2015

Boston Society of Architects

On Thursday, 29 January, at the Boston Society of Architects' fourth annual Design Awards Gala in the InterContinental Boston, Peter Rose + Partners won two Honor Awards for climate-smart residences on Martha's Vineyard.


Island Residence, a single-family residence that blurs the boundaries between structures and landscape, between inside and outside, won the Honor Award for Design Excellence.


East House, a residence comprised of concrete "boxes" and interstitial wooden corridors that can be individually lifted - with all interior finishes and finishes intact - to a new foundation in the event of insurmountable bluff erosion, won the Honor Award for Housing Design. East House previously won the BSA's Honor Award for Design Excellence and the AIA New England Design Award.

Peter Rose + Partners Is Hiring

Dec 01, 2014

Fort Point, Boston

Peter Rose + Partners seeks two talented, full-time architects with a passion for developing research-based solutions to complex architectural challenges.  We value top-notch graphic representation skills, accurate 3D modeling ability, digital rendering with an eye for good light, and a hand for crafting concise data-driven diagrams. 


Current openings include: Junior Architect with 2 years of experience, including schematic design through construction documents; and Project Architect with 5 years of experience, and competence in assembling construction documents and coordinating the work of broad subconsultant teams.


MArch degree preferred. Expertise in ACAD, Adobe CS, and MS Office required.  Expertise in Revit, Rhino, online document sharing and access, and a practical understanding of social media and emerging digital technologies a plus.


Please email resume, cover letter, and portfolio, in pdf format, to Christian Garland at  No calls please.

Island Residence Featured in Timber + DESIGN

Sep 10, 2014

Timber + DESIGN Magazine

Island Residence is on the cover of this month's Timber + DESIGN Magazine. From the Magazine:


The house works in plan and section to offer remarkable views, and locust trees to the west screen late afternoon sun and provide camouflage. It is low to the ground and clad in sealed but unpainted western red cedar, to naturally weather over time. The intention is for it to be as close as possible to invisible in the larger landscape.

Island Residence Selected for 2014 BSA Honor Award

Sep 09, 2014

Boston Society of Architects

Island Residence has been chosen for recognition by the Boston Society of Architects 's 2014 Honor Awards for Design Excellence jury. Final awards will be announced in January 2015.