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001 Big Sky Residence Exterior.jpg

Big Sky Residence

Big Sky, Montana

Eight thousand feet above sea level in the Montana mountains, a road was carefully threaded through the trees and out onto the site. At the end of the road, perched atop a 30 degree precipice, the house is nestled into the mountainside, offering a single story façade to visitors, appearing much smaller than its 11,000 square feet. 

The alpine peaks soar above the tree line, and are revealed through carefully placed openings, becoming as much a part of the interior experience as the cedar wall boards and exposed beam ceiling. Moving through the house, peaks and pine forest come in and out of view, leading from a modest glass entry with a glimpse through to the scenery beyond, and out to the living area in which a broad expanse of glass widens to receive the dramatic vista. 


Light and dark, solid and void are crafted from stone, timber, and water, the material of the mountains. Space is modulated with a subtlety that belies the rugged nature of the materials. Changing light throughout the day creates an experience that brings one in close contact with the dynamic environment outside, even while providing a safe and warm respite from the elements.

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