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001 Milton Science Center Rendering Exte

Milton Academy Science Building

Milton, Massachusetts

Milton Science Academy is a proposed building for the teaching of 9th through 12th grade science at Milton Academy, located south of Boston in Milton, Massachusetts. Situated at the heart of the school’s beautiful campus, the building will house a new type of lab designed specifically to support Milton’s “inquiry based” approach to teaching science, within which students are encouraged to learn through an interactive and creative process of investigation and discovery. 

The site is adjacent to both the campus library and a 400-seat drama theater. The proposal places a brightly lit atrium on the path from the student center to the south campus. The atrium links the theater and this major foot traffic thoroughfare by way of a luminous exhibition space for science and science education.

The project will generate an active zone amidst the trees and campus circulation, reveal science education and modern applied science for all to experience and provide a state of the art facility for teaching inquiry based science. The architecture demonstrates by its own workings the activity of science, while, at the same time, raising the school as a whole to a new level.


The structure’s 45,000 square feet will include: fourteen “classlabs,” hybrid, flexible teaching spaces combining the qualities of both classroom and laboratory; four large common labs for interdisciplinary and independent study; administrative space; exhibition space; a materials shop; a 250-seat auditorium; and a small café. 

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