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Peter Rose + Partners, Inc is an architecture and urban design firm that grew from the Office of Peter Rose, which began in Montreal in the 1980s, and since 1991 has been based in the Boston area.

An internationally-recognized, award-winning design practice, it is known for projects such as the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, Chicago Bears Football Headquarters and Training Facility, the Master Plan for the Old Port of Montreal, and the Sert Gallery for Contemporary Art at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center. Recent work of the firm includes the Housing Tower at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Le Laboratoire in Paris, and residential projects in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Current projects of the firm include masterplanning work in Toronto and for Bishop's University; an off-the-grid house in Bodrum, Turkey; and residential projects throughout Massachusetts.

Peter Rose + Partners works as a fully integrated team. We are an office of designers who lead a network of professionals with deep expertise in shaping the built environment. We recognize that our clients face an uncertain world. We understand our role as designers, engineers and builders is to find solutions that align our client’s investment with the opportunity to improve the built environment for their current and future stakeholders and the community more broadly.

We seek solutions that minimize uncertainty and risk over the long term. We do this by researching the past and present use of the site and environs to understand its opportunities and limitations. We design, test and redesign interventions that improve utility, flexibility, value and durability of the building. We analyze costs, both capital and running, and risks, both near and long term. We deploy at carefully designed construction implementation plan and commissioning strategy. Finally, we perform post-occupancy analysis to see how our anticipated outcome matches reality on the ground.

Our in-house competencies include sophisticated architectural design, project management, commissioning, and integrated team leadership. Across our network, we bring to bear traditional architecture and engineering disciplines with a world leading approach to providing the best environment with the least economic and environmental cost, and an active, real-time costing, feasibility and risk management program.

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