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Vineyard Residence

Chilmark, Massachusetts

Situated closer to the ocean than anyone will be permitted to build again, the site of the Vineyard Residence is unlike any other on the island. Its privileged location on a small peninsula, a "bump" on the coast, allows breathtaking views with sweeping vistas over the ocean from the east to southwest and of Stonewall Pond on the remaining facade. The southerly view stretches along more than a mile of coastline and, consequently, a mile of waves breaking against a crescent-shaped shore of beaches and cliffs. The property has the front row seat to a million acre ocean view.

In order to embrace this unique landscape, the residence's plan allows every room a view of the ocean. Windows facing the coast are over-sized, often wrapping around corners to provide panoramic views of the shoreline. In the living room, dining room, kitchen and study, large panels of glass slide to eliminate barriers to the sight, sound, and smell of the sea. Light and air permeate each room from at least two, and often three sides.


On bright days, the interior is illuminated by balanced light and experiences no glare, and even on the gloomiest days, lights will be rarely required anywhere in the interior. With a primary structure mostly of steel, the house is definitively robust, constructed to weather well over the years. At the same time, it is finely finished and detailed with both the exterior and interiors entirely of wood. Settled into its environment with a stubborn ruggedness, yet fully operable and made to engage the site by slipping out of the way, it is a carefully crafted piece of cabinetry, an instrument.

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